Let’s Learn More about the Gorgeous Tahitian Pearls

The Tahitian cultured pearls have its very own appeal and come with a dynamic touch. It has a very natural black color. These pearls are obtained from the oyster’s black lips and are indeed precious.

Tahitian pearls are basically black in color, however generally its color also ranges from a metallic silver shade to the color of graphite. These pearls also have a gorgeous tone to it like a greenish, purple and bluish undertone.

How Are Tahitian Pearls Cultured?

There are these oysters called the pinctada maxima oyster. The Tahitian cultured pearls are especially cultivated from the pinctada maxima oyster which is black lipped. This oyster is about a foot in length, if not more and tends to produces very big sized pearls. This particular kind of oyster tends to be quite sensitive to the pearl culturing process, and this is why the pearls that it produces are quite expensive. It is a highly remarkable gifting option and is unique in itself. For more varieties and details on all kinds of pearl jewelry please go through

Tahitian pearls: Price

 When it comes to measuring the cost of different pearls, Tahitian pearls tend to be quite expensive amongst the other. They come with a perfect spherical shade and this is quite rare. It also has a very unique dark tone which is why it is quite pricy. However no wonder it is quite a rare pearl and one of a kind. In fact when you measure its price amongst its counterparts, it tends to be quite expensive. It’s a rare gem which has some very rare overtones. Always keep in mind that when you are going to buy a Tahitian pearl, try to get one that is darker in shade. This means it’s more precious and valuable.

Check the Color of the Tahitian Pearl before Buying One

As stated before, remember this is a thumb rule. Try selecting one that comes with a lot of overtones since they tend to be more valuable than the solid ones. The ones that are darker in color would be better than just the plain black ones. The other point to remember is to always pick out one that is lustrous, one that exudes a lot of shine. When it comes to selecting a pearl, this is the most important point of consideration. As per the shape, try selecting one that has a rounder look. Finding a round Tahitian pearl is rare at the same time it would be a tad pricier than the others.