How to Choose Where to Shop for Jewelery in Naples

Regardless of whether you are a window shopper or if you have a specific jewelry item that you’re searching for or needing repaired, Naples Florida is the perfect jewelry center boasting more than 20 jewelry stores that sell a range of bracelets, necklaces, rings, watches and earrings in sty;es that include antique to contemporary, boho chic to luxury.

You will absolutely find what you’re looking for while shopping jewelry stores in Naples FL!
With so many options how do you decide start with why you’re heading out shopping is it to purchase or repair some of the stores offer both services while others are only for retail sales.

Tiffany’s– This luxury chain has a reputation for elegance, quality and outstanding customer service. The little blue box is famous worldwide.

Bigham’s Jewelers- An upscale luxury shop that boasts a long list of designers of both rings and watches. $$$$

  1. Jaron Fine Jewelers – Their catchphrase says it all “red carpet luxury for everyday woman” $$

LoveJoy Antiques- This store has been in Naples for over 20 years and has a range of antique jewelry $$

Silver Eagle Gallery- A funky boutique that had native jewelry and custom made silver pieces. $

Provident Jewelry- One in a chain of jewelry stores across Florida. Large selection of watches. $$

William Phelps Custom Jewler – In addition to standard watches, braceltets and rings a wide selection of sea themed charms and necklaces can be found here. $$

De Beers Diamond Jewellers- Known worldwide for creating ecsquisite diamond rings. $$$

Cartier- Upmarket pieces od classic design and timeless elegance. $$$

Mattis Fine Jewelers- A fifth generation custom designer of necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings $$

How to Choose Where to Shop


Check the website to see the store’s selection of designers. Look for a store that has onsite repair as they can be more knowledgable than a retailer.

Earrings, Necklaces, Bracelets

If you have a specific look or price point in mind, this will help you to find your purchase more easily. Knowing if you prefer classic or modern will help. Think about price point too. It’s no fun finding the perfect item and then seeing it’s not in your budget.


If an engagement ring is what you are after, make sure you call ahead. Some stores require an appointment to ring shop.

Casual Browsing

There are many stores that welcome the casual browser. Knowing which shops are more suited to flip flops and cover ups and which ones have a more upscale shopping environment can also be a factor in choosing.

There are jewelery stores in Naples Fl to match the unique personality and wishlist for every customer. If in doubt, ask the hotel concierge, call the store quickly or take a minute to peek at reviews on Angie’s list of Trip Advisor.

Purchasing jewelery while in Naples is a wonderful way to mark an occasion, to acquire a keepsake or to find the perfect gift for family back home.